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About Shocking the House , West Hollywood


About Shocking the House , West Hollywood


About Shocking the House , West Hollywood


In 1910, 70% of women's clothing and 40% of men's clothing was produced in New York.  Today, the textile industry in N.Y.C.  is nonexistent.  39% of our clothing is now imported from China, and the quality we used to have is nonexistent. 

All attest to the powerful human need to conform to the ideals of a current trend, and to be seen as part of a cultural whole.  But must this need rule our personal style?

shockingthehouse is a step in a movement beyond the herd mentality.  Fashion is an expression about how we feel about ourselves.  In our luxury ready-to-wear garments, everything is more suggestive, bolder and sensual. We are all about accentuating adventurous, affordable and high quality women's apparel, made exclusively in the USA.

Designers, Corine Arnaud, Musaa - Shocking The House, West Hollywood

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