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Lacing up a corset while a person is wearing it can be difficult.  The laces are actually installed BEFORE the corset is worn.  For the easiest and fastest adjustment to torso compression follow this procedure:


Top laces (B) control corset
Bottom laces (T) control corset


How to Lace Up Your Corset

1.)The lacing is threaded through the eyelets in a criss-cross pattern.  You should only have one (1) long lace.  The one lace should be run through the top matching pair of eyelets, from the back out through the eyelets towards you with equal amounts left on each side.  Cross the two (2) ends and run them through the opposite diagonal eyelets like your lacing a shoe, crossing sides over, then under, until you get to the center pair of eyelets on both sides.

2.)The lacing "skips" a crossover and stays on the same side for one jump, thus creating a loop on each side.  The loops are pulled away from the wearer when the corset is being cinched.  This has the effect of pulling the How to Lace Up a Corsetslack out of the lacing in all directions at once. With the OPTIONAL SELF-LACING PULLERS (see picture) you are always in control of adjusting torso compression.

3.)Now resume the criss-cross pattern and finish lacing like before until you run the laces through the last eyelets.  You have now reached the bottom of your corset.  Take both equal ends and tie a tight knot allowing you to close the laces.  Sometime during the criss-cross, you may get one lace longer than the other.  If this happens adjust the criss-cross lengths with some wiggling.

 4.)Carefully pull the two (2) big loops you made in the center (see picture) and tighten your corset up.  Do this slowly, adjusting and freeing up some of the criss-cross lacing to get your corset to cinch up perfectly.  When you have got it right, double up both ends and tie together like a big bow on a present.  Now tuck the ends under the bottom of the corset and into the lacing to keep them out of the way.

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