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Leather Corsets, Black Lace Skirts, Pants, Jackets & Cocktail Dresses. Be Transformed by the Exquisite Luxury of Shocking The House Cocktail Dresses, Skirts, Corsets and Pants in Leather and Lace. Articles

"Fashion at the Edge" means a woman with an epic, adventurous sense of style capable of stopping traffic and turns heads, a gorgeously dressed ShockingTheHouse woman. Our luxurious, ready to wear designs are created to showcase the soft, sensual curves of a woman's body. Dressed in ShockingTheHouse designs, like our leather corset, black lace skirt or cocktail dress, you will find garments that celebrate the mysteries of your body and the limitless dimensions of your personality.

Now in our society of mass-production of cheap goods, authenticity and individuality are valued more than ever. When you slip into a ShockingTheHouse lace cocktail dress, leather corset or leather skirt, you will be transformed by the quality and construction. All of our garments are made from the finest materials and fabrics because a woman's beauty, sensuality and power deserve no less than the best. Accentuating every curve, and drawing out your physical and emotional essence, is one of our greatest desires at ShockingTheHouse. Celebrating every aspect of your personality is our passion. Whether you are pious or bold, classic or innovative, adventurous or elegant, the ShockingTheHouse collection of leather corsets, leather skirts, lace cocktail dresses and other garments will have you expressing your inner passions and sensuality. More...